Azure DNS Private Resolver - Part 1

Azure DNS Private Resolver It’s always DNS! I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before. DNS is 1 of the most underrated services on the internet, but probably also 1 the most important. Especially in hybrid environments with Private DNS in Azure and multiple on-premise domains, there is a good chance that DNS does not work as intended. DNS, the “phone book” of the internet, is something everyone uses, even without realizing it.

South Coast Summit 2023

South Coast Summit 2023 This year I had the opportunity to go to the South Coast Summit. This is 1 of the larger Microsoft Community Events in the UK. The event had about 1400 registered visitors. On Friday there were several workshops during the day that you could register for. I participated in the New Community Speaker workshop. This was a fantastic experience where a number of people from the community shared a lot of tips and tricks.

Scottish Summit 2023

Scottish Summit 2023 Saturday 5 August was the Scottish Summit 2023. This year it was, not as the name would suggest in Scotland, but in Manchester. More information about the event: For this edition I was invited as a volunteer and speaker. The event was held in . This is a nice location, also with some history. The building was first a Kelloggs factory and has been converted into a university campus.

Workplace Dudes

Workplace dudes I had the pleasure of being a guest in the dutch podcast WorkplaceDudes . We had some fun talking about all kind of stuff you can see the show here

ExpertsLiveNL 2023

Experts Live 2023 Thursday, May 25, I had the honor of being 1 of the many speakers at Experts Live 2023. The event actually started a bit on Wednesday evening, with the so-called speaker dinner. That was an evening to which all speakers were also invited, it was also possible to buy a ticket for this. It was a pleasant evening with food, drinks and a nice band. It was also a great time to catch up with a lot of speakers who were present.